Colour Our Gardens Yellow

Imagine a winding yellow stream meandering along your street, from one garden to another. Not impossible. Not complicated.

Once again this year, Gannaiden will give free daffodil bulbs to residents of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region. This time, Gannaiden’s flower gift is monochromatic. We have chosen the colour yellow, in a hue that stands apart from the standard daffodil yellow. The Tête à Tête daffodil is a sharp, acid-based, buttercup yellow of such intensity that under a full moon the flower petals appear luminous.

In our regional zone (3-4), the Tête à Tête blooms after the mid-May succession of Snow Drops, Crocuses and Scillas. At Gannaiden, we’ve seen deep blue Scilllas running underfoot of the Tête à Têtes, and I must say, what a smashing colour display it was! But be forewarned, planting them too close together at the onset will quickly result in overcrowding. 

The Tête à Tête is a miniature daffodil, which grows 6”- 8” high, spreads 4”- 6”, and stands upright, facing into the sun. It is easy to care for and will grow in average, well-drained soil, in full sun to part shade. The Tête à Tête is also drought, rabbit and deer tolerant. Who could ask for anything more? 

At Gannaiden we encourage a faster and broader coverage of Tête à Tête   by planting the bulbs in triangular formations.

Using a piece of string, mark out a 6” triangle. At each corner plant three bulbs in a triangle, 4”- 6” apart, pointing outwards from the corner. Continue the same pattern throughout the selected planting area. At Gannaiden, our bulb stalks are hidden by the emergence of early peonies. Once the plant finishes blooming, cut off the flower head, letting the stalk die back naturally. Wait a couple of years, stand back and enjoy the yellow mass of Tête à Tête!

This miniature daffodil is well suited to rock gardens, snuggled between the toes of a tree, or scattered in the corners of a landscape. It is a popular cultivar for containers, cut flowers and indoor forcing.

Planting for the next spring at the closing of a garden season is an invigorating experience because it speaks of the future, of tomorrow, of a tomorrow that is better than today. Tomorrow speaks of hope.

At Gannaiden, we plant hope.


Tree Daffodils.jpg

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